My least favourite invertebrates…

On Friday morning, early’o'clock, I went for a swim in the canal at the waterfront with the triathlon club - was a lovely swim, 1.6km in 24 mins in canals that run between apartment blocks, quite fun “city-water-rat” experience :)

However, when I got up and back in the shower, my thumb started throbbing. Became red and itchy, so put on some calamine lotion, thought  might have burnt myself somehow, but thought nothing of it. Come saturday, it started to blister up, almost looked like a cold sore on my thumb! So I had various theories; 1) sting/burn from something  2) localised shingles on my thumb 3) delayed cold sore from my cold 2 weeks ago, appearing on my thumb instead of lip..? too odd. So have been putting on lots of calamine to keep it calm, even tried some aciclovir cream. But still really sore, nothing like a cold sore ever was. Googled jellyfish in south africa, turns out there’s a few nasty ones:

Carybdea branchi: Box-jellies, higher than wide, up to 23 cm in height. Generally translucent and bearing a single, opaque tentacle at each lower corner of the bell. Tentacles up to one and one half times as long as maximum bell length. This species is mostly found along the SW coast of South Africa, and is common in Cape Town harbour. Stings are known to be harmful, but not lethal. ”

Including nasty box jellyfish… and when looking at an example of their stings

It looks remarkably like the one I have on my thumb:


(good thing I was wearing a wetsuit so I didnt get any more jelly-guu on me.

Conclusion - there are box jellies in the V&A canal. And next time I go I’m gonna get some thin gloves to swim with, and keep a bottle of vinegar in my bag to pour onto stings if they ever happen again. Aaaoch, so painful, and its just getting worse :((

I declare war on jellies. I’ll fill the harbour with VINEGAr! hah, there you go evil creatures.

here comes the sun..FISH :)

were sailing on sunday, and out just off the harbour joachim saw some “rubbish” in the sea, then thought maybe dead fish, then we got close, and it turns out it was a SUNfish!!! the coolest thing EVER.



So sailing has officially begun, theory today, then out on boat again on saturday, hopefully more fish and sunfish and whales….although, they’re a bit wary of getting too close to the whales now after the slight mishap in june…. boat still has a few scars!!

the new american healthcare system…what’s it all about?

Very interesting to read about, but even better to watch this nice little video on what the changes will be :)

Big fan of simplicity!


Mummi altså… And a touch of madness!

Norwegian rant first.. then the madness :)

Noen ganger føler jeg meg som Lille My i mummi som sett her ja….

Og kampen her er mot byråkratiet, som jeg gjerne vil personifisere med Hufsa


Da vi var små og mummitrollet var på barneTV, var hufsa det skumleste jeg visste. Bare ordet “Hufsa” var nok til å sende kalde grøss nedover ryggen, og rett som det var måtte vi gjemme oss bak stolen fordi det ble for mye skummelt å se på. For å være helt ærlig, så visste jeg egentlig ikke ei gang hvordan ho så ut, for jeg var for redd til å se på ho i tilfelle jeg skulle fryse til is av blikket hennes… Så jeg husker Hufsa bare som en brun sekk omtrent. I følge wiki så er hun både “kald og nifs, taus og urørlig, og med «runde, utrykksløse øyne»”.  De har også ei løsning på hvordan en kan bli kvitt denne besynderlige Hufsa som sprer frykt rundt seg og fryser bakken til is der hun har stått.  Det er nemlig å gjøre som mummimamma, og gi en magisk flosshatt til Hufsa, for da glir hun bort og ut i eteren uten ett ord…..

Så hvis jeg kan bli kvitt denne Hufsa mi her nede, så hadde det vært flott. Kanskje jeg skulle sende en litten sammenleggbar flosshatt i alle brevene og søknadene jeg sender, sånn at de kanskje bare skulle forsvinne ?

Alternative forslag mottas med takk!!


Back to the english. I think I have gone mad. Last night I signed up for the 1/2 ironman south africa…..wæææ! So its basically much longer than the one i did in august in london.. its is actually exactly 70.3miles… so 1.9km swim, 90 km cycle and 21k run….. I think i must have done this in a moment of feeling like i needed some self-torture. I even said I’d never do a half-marathon again after last year’s disaster… but i guess this is slightly different, this is a half marathon AFTER a significant swim and cycle… hehe. So now I’m starting a bit of serious training. I’m thinking training might keep madness away…. So the big day will be the 23rd of January 2011. That is 115 days17hours 59 minutes away from now.

So i’d better get out on my bike and train a bit!!

Lille My

Rainy days

This week seems to be thinking its still winter. By winter I season? Spring?

Yesterday the morning bootcamp was cancelled as it was really wet. Got better after lunch, and I went for a steep run up through the fog to Signal Hill 10.5K, the longest i’ve run in a long time, maybe even ever ;)  Picked up my bike from the bikeshop after a long awaited service, so now the breaks and gears should be perfectly tuned :)

Today, morning was grey but dry, went to beach training, and then it started raining on my way back. So I”ve been having tea&coffee, banana-muffins that I made last night, reading, writing, adminning, etc. Oh, and regarding coffee… we found this Espresso-shop when we went to the Cape Town version of Borough market, the Old Biscuit Mill market…. So The shop is kindof skandi-inspired, with a Dala-hest sitting on the desk. They call themselves “microroasters”… and, they go to the nordic barista championship, and they like Tim Wendelboe.. so Andrè, if you come to visit, we’ll take you here! So we got some coffee to try at home, and yum. It works.

Read this about the Tea party, interesting take on it, and it does mean my BBC world news mornings could get very entertaining indeed! Gotta love Palin’s ability to sound so stupid that one has no other choice, republican or democrat, than to support Obama. I’m not saying that she was the reason i became an Obama-supporter, but I do think she might scare sensible people away from their policies…

Watching kitesurfers at Table view

On sunday myself, Laura and Siad went to Table view beach to get a different view of the city, and what we found were dozens of kitesurfers!! And they were FLYING. Very tempted now to do a course myself and join joachim in the quest for a windy day…

Fayence and Cassis

Had an awesome time in La casa Lerner’s in Fayence; BBQs, pool-activities (ie olympic synchronised diving competition, synchronised swimming, and water rugby), and sunning ourselves, getting fresh bread&croissants at the market…

Then we did a day trip to Le Gorge du Verdon where we picniced and rented a pedal boat to pedal up the gorge… beatutiful and amazingly sunny and lovely!! Boys and Lou jumped off some cliffs, Lou to the applause and shouts from the whole valley :)

Last days in Cassis on the coast, stayed in amazing hotel on the cliffs, revisiting  honeymoon camp memories :)  The Fayence crew came down for a day of boating, and we drove by all the lovely Calanques, battled waves and floated on inflatables !

Thanks everyone for a great trip!!!

Hyttetur i Setesdal, August

Marianneguri på gjensyn etter mange år uten en skikkelig fjelltur :))

Må gjentas, og takk for turen!!

Relocation to Cape Town and restarting the blog

I think we can officially say we’ve moved now. Pointers to this is that
a) We’re both here
b) We have no plane tickets booked to go back anywhere
c) Someone else lives in our flat in london

Cape town is beautiful, and I think Camps bay is even nicer…. imagine, lovely house, beach is 3min walk away down the hill, view to the sea from all the front windows, view to the back of table mountain from my kitchen window, and look up to lion’s head (another part of the table mountain park) from the back.

Mr J’s pretty busy with work, and then there’s the extra bits as well, poor guys have to go to Munich this weekend to play football against the other offices, oh dear.
I’m sure they’ll be practicing their goal celebration so they look something like this…–UVoz95oic

Anyhow, i’ve just about started training with these mad south african triathletes, think they might be training for Ironman and 1/2 Ironman distances, so a bit far off for me, but its good to have people to train with. Did a lovely bikeride up to Chapman’s peak and back today as a 40k time trial, 1h20, not too bad :)

As for work, there is no news on work permit/authorization, but I might be able to just volunteer and do non-clinical work for now until paperwork takes its time.

Sad news

The man who is arguably the greatest musical genius of our time has passed away. RIP, MJ!